Adviced , Huge numbers of Hindus  to settle in Kashmir

The leaders of the Shiv Sena (Bala Saheb Thackeray) Jammu and Kashmir unit staged a strong protest against the  terrorist attacks on non-Muslims in Jammu and Kashmir and warned the terrorist organizations of dire consequences for carrying out nefarious activities in Kashmir. Along with this, in order to improve the Hindu-Muslim ratio in Kashmir, Sahni  advised the Hindus across the country, especially the Shiv Sainiks, to come forward to buy land in Kashmir.
Under the leadership of party president UT J&K  Manish Sahni , large number of Shiv Saniks reacted strongly to the ongoing terrorist attacks on minorities in Kashmir, saying that the Hindu Hriday Samrat Honorable Bala saheb Thackeray had formed the Shiv Sena with the aim of protecting the minorities.   He said that the conditions like 1990 will not be allowed to return in the Valley at any cost.
Taking a jibe at the incumbent government on seven persons falling to terrorists bullets in the target killings in the last seven days, Sahni said that we need to learn a lesson from America. Which soon after the 9/11 attacks, hounded its enemies across the globe including Osama bin Laden and killed them, throwing Laden’s corpse in the ocean. He said that time has come for the Government of India to give a befitting response to the enemies and teach Pakistan a lesson by razing the terror havens in its territory so that it does not dare to even think of carrying nefarious activities through terrorists in Kashmir.
 Sahni made a special appeal to the Hindus specially Shiv Saniks that they should take special care that Hindus should not remain a minority in any part of the country.  Sahni invited Hindus from across the country, especially Shiv Sainiks, to come forward to buy land in Kashmir and described it as a solid solution to the Kashmir problem. On this occasion President mehila wing Meenakshi Chibber, Gen secretary Vikas Bakshi , Vice President  Sanjeev Kohli , Vikas Dewan , Balwant Singh, President Kamghar wing Raj Singh  , Secretary Parveen Gupta ,Geeta  Lakhotra , President youth Binni Mahajan , Balbir Singh , Bhuri Singh , Summit , Pawan Singh Rohit Kumar , Arjun Kumar , Balbir Singh , Sanjeev Soodan and many others were present.