Amidst bloodshed and mayhem in J&K, BJP busy breaking opposition parties: Harsh Dev

Jammu, 17-10-2021:  Condemning the worst ever carnage and bloodshed witnessed in J&K in the recent past and particularly the merciless killing of two civilians and martyrdom of two soldiers yesterday, Mr. Harsh Dev Singh Chairman JKNPP and former Minister has squarely blamed the BJP govt for the worsening situation in the UT. The fast deteriorating security scenario in J&K has exposed the haughty and supercilious claims of BJP govt of having curbed militancy post re-organization of the State, said Singh. With the situation in J&K fast reverting to early 90’s , it was most disturbing to find the BJP busy in breaking opposition parties and luring the opposition leaders rather than focussing on Pak sponsored terrorism. Accusing the BJP govt of giving precedence to its political ambitions over its duties and obligations as a responsible govt, Mr. Singh said that BJP’s ambitions have lit fires which will take years and years to subside. He was addressing a press conference today.

With highly ascendant and authoritarian BJP hell bent to crush and demolish all opposition in J&K, it was using all possible means to silence all voices critical of its policies. And for the purpose it was using all possible means to suppress the other parties and to make its leaders fall in line. Opposition leaders were being bullied, harassed, threatened, intimidated, and persecuted with several lucrative offers also being reportedly made to such leaders for jettisoning their respective parties and joining BJP. And all this was being shamelessly executed at a time when the J&K UT was passing through the worst phase of ethnic cleansing, selective killings and terrorism exported from across the border, said Mr. Singh.

While killings of innocents in J&K are being used by the BJP leadership as a mere occasion to condemn Pakistan and promote communal hatred, it has utterly failed in fulfilling its grandiloquent promises of restoring peace and normalcy in the troubled UT. Accusing BJP of trying to fish in the troubled waters of J&K and drawing political mileage out of the present crisis, Mr. Singh said that its lust for power will spell its doom in the days to come.

Mr. Gagan Pratap Singh, Mr. Parshotam Parihar State Secretaries, Mr. Surinder Chauhan District President Jammu (Rural), Mr. Rajeshwar Jamwal District President Samba were also present on the occasion.