Indian Army is a messenger of national integration. Various programmes are instituted to strengthen its fabric of vision and objectives. Indian Army organised “Amity Meeting’’ at Chitti Bakri, in District Rajouri (J&K). It was a special effort to reinforce, foster and promote interaction and public harmony. This event has given an opportunity to all people to unite regardless of their religion, faith, culture and traditions. People pledged to strengthen and preserve “Ekta, Peace, Faith’’. Non-violence to be restored by setting aside difference in language, culture in region. The programme deliberated topics of non-violence, linguistic harmony and cultural unity. Well being of minorities, women, children conservation and secularism were at the forefront. The event also stressed on guidelines on implementation of series of measures aimed at containment of COVID-19. To strengthen vaccination drive via procedures for online registration were practiced. The welfare schemes promulgated by Govt were explained to all for utilisation. Participation of village opinion makers, Sarpanches and Numberdaars representing all communities was gratifying, gesture and salutation, in harmonizing “Amity Meeting”. Towards the end patriotic fervor and pride displayed by the participants fulfilled the inspirational concept note.