Anti-Drug Campaign organised at Sathra, Poonch

Poonch : 06 Apr 2023: Drug Addiction remains a daunting challenge which wreaks havoc at multiple levels simultaneously. At an individual level, Drug addiction makes the people dependent and robs them of their growth and self-esteem in addition to imposing a heavy financial strain. A drug addict, with his compromised capabilities, is unlikely to contribute positively and therefore, likely to be a liability for the society. The overt dependence of an addict on drugs and his urge to consume can easily be exploited by anti-social and anti-national elements for disruptive activities including fomenting terrorism. Over the years, the menace has gradually found its way to the remotest villages along Line of Control. Keeping in view the serious repercussions of Drug Addiction at an individual, economic, societal and national level and its addictive nature, it is vital to nip the menace in the bud and curb it before it spreads its tentacles in the region. In a continuation of efforts towards a drive to encourage change on the perspective and awareness on a social taboo draining the society and the culture – drug addiction, lecture and awareness campaign was organised. The Anti-Drug addiction event was organised at Govt High school, Sathra. To mark the event, young students were highlighted the ill effects of drug addiction and the leeway to addiction dependency at a young age.  The event was able to harness a key objective – encourage the younger populace towards adopting a proactive counter measure to prevent the spread of the menace in the region. The event culminated through a rally by the students and their teachers in attendance. The successful conduct of the event will pave the way ahead in the fight against Drug Addiction leading to ‘Nasha Mukt Bharat’.