Global Warming is an inevitable challenge. Indian Army conducted lecture on effects of Global warming at GHSS, Taralla in District Rajouri (J&K). The aim was educating the locals about the disastrous effects of Global warming on the society. The scope of event was designed as per J&K environment challenges. They poses serious threats to the agriculture, horticulture, tourism, forest wild life and human health. J&K is multi hazard prone zone with natural disasters like earthquakes, landslides, floods and avalanches. Such incidents frequently occurs disturbing ecology balance.  The speaker brought out quite eloquently that the youth need to take care of our Ecosystem. The ‘Global Warming’ has effects on our ecosystem such as temperature rises, water shortages, increased fire threats and droughts etc. The residents have to act in a responsible manner by implementing ‘adaptive’ measures such as rehabilitation of degraded forests on war footing, enhancing forest regeneration, improvement in agriculture through farmers. Best practices for water conservation like spring irrigation, protect ecological ‘critical’ areas such as rain water collection and water recycling to be implemented. A large number of students and teachers of the GHSS, Taralla participated in the lecture with full zeal and enthusiasm. They expressed interest in implementing disaster response training at community level. Indian Army has been successfully working on “an integrated national approach” which has led to sweeping changing in global warming awareness.