BJP has hollowed out Jammu like a termite: Harsh

Udhampur:  The party which rose to power on the slogans of empowerment of Jammu and ‘Achhe Din’ winning 25 seats in the State Assembly and both seats of Parliament gave the shocker of their lifetimes to its electorates by its cowardly surrenders and compromises on almost all Jammu related issues during its rule in the centre as well as in the state, said Harsh Dev Singh JKNPP Chairman and Former Minister. Not only did the tall promises made in the Election manifesto by the BJP recede into the oblivion but Jammu region was pushed to terminal decline only to appease the Kashmir centric forces, said Singh. He said that while our already negligible share in services and development declined to abysmally low level, the dogra pride received the severest dents during the said rule, rued Harsh. The most contemptuous neglect and ruthless subjugation that dogras faced during the last few years shall continue to remind us of BJP’s wicked politicking and its petrifying conduct while in power. Accusing the BJP of having hollowed out Jammu like a termite, he said the nightmarish experiences of BJP rule will continue to haunt the people of dogra land for years. He was addressing public meetings in Malal, Bagad and Shashkari in Chenani-Ghordi constituency.

            “The educated youth of Jammu who were assured of jobs and gainful employment were made to languish on the roads. Their share particularly in state level services reached an all time low. In several select lists issued by PSC and SSB during BJP-PDP rule, the youth of Jammu region got hardly 8-10% share which has further got reduced after abrogation of Art 370. The last few years witnessed these youth engaged in spree of protests outside recruitment agencies with none to even listen to their grievances. The leaders in whom they reposed their faith, abandoned them and took sides with their Kashmir based masters. They not only sold the share of Jammu but even justified it. Remember, when all 10,000 posts of SPOs sanctioned by GOI were given to Kashmir. And a top BJP leader justified the same saying that it had been done in national interest. The people of Jammu region had to resort to protest and demonstrations to get a few hundred posts of SPOs. And while the highly educated youth of Jammu region were ignored and given step motherly treatment, the saffron rule witnessed announcements of doles and schemes for stone-pelters and surrendered militants”, said Singh.

            “What happened to your tall slogans on Tawi Artificial Lake project which came to a grinding halt during your regime? What’s the progress on Mubark Mandi Heritage project which appears to have been put in cold storage after you ascended to power? And what happened to your slogans of granting dogra certificate and providing dogri satellite in Jammu, increase of assembly seats for Jammu region, tapping of tourism potential of the region besides equitable share for it in employment, allocation of funds and other developmental projects and so on and so forth” questioned Harsh taking a pot shot on BJP for its multiple failures. Having surrendered over all Jammu based issues, the BJP virtually failed in fulfilment of its commitments made by it during elections in its manifesto. It rather divested Jammu region of its already existing share in services and development schemes with its entire focus on Kashmir and Ladakh. It merely played second fiddle to PDP in the coalition rule under a secret pact and mortgaged the very interests of Jammu region to its valley masters for the lust of power, said Singh. Urging upon the people to teach a lesson to such opportunist leaders, the NPP Chairman said that BJP’s exit from Jammu region alone could usher ‘Achhe Din’ for highly marginalized and incarcerated dogra land.