BJP indulging in politics of coercion, intimidation by using ED, CBI and LeT: Harsh Dev

Chenani, 11-07-2022:  Accusing the BJP of giving frivolous excuses and issuing vague and nauseating statements over the induction of Pak trained militants and LeT Commander in the party fold, Mr. Harsh Dev Singh, Former Minister and senior AAP leader said that no facade of deceptive posturing could hide its real intentions of grabbing power by hook or by crook. He said that with Power being the sole motive of the saffron brigade it could go to any extent, use any agency or organization without any qualms of conscience to fulfil its cherished objectives. Public interest, probity and constitutional propriety having been sacrificed at the altar of power politics, the BJP had apparently endorsed the Machiavellian concept of politics that ends justify the means, maintained Mr. Singh. He was addressing public meetings in Prowa Jagir, Bindla, Mada, Chabba, Puchot and Gujad during his three days tour of Chenani constituency.


          Mr. Singh said that BJP was known to be using the ED and CBI and other govt and vigilante organizations to silence all critical voices in the past. Several opposition leaders, businessmen, civil society members, media men, writers etc were made to fall in line by a highly ascendant BJP by using the coercive apparatus of the state. Dissent continued to be bludgeoned and inconvenient voices choked through the iron fist of police and other state and central agencies including IT, NIA, CVC etc. Latest in the list of BJP’s intimidatory apparatus seems to be the LeT and other trained militants who are not only being enrolled in the party but are being assigned significant positions as senior office-bearers in the Party. He said that exposure regarding the affiliation of LeT Commander Talib Hussain and Udaipur terrorist Riaz Akhtari with BJP was made by the public and media and that too after they had executed various acts of terror in J&K and outside.


“It defies logic that the entire intelligence machinery of J&K and the Home Ministry’s secret services could not recognize the LeT Commander who was apprehended and caught by innocent villagers having hardly any idea of the terrorists being sponsored from across the border. The LeT Commander had attended several BJP meetings with the State President, Member Parliament Jammu besides having held meetings with the Union Home Minister as was being reported in media with photographs of the said Rajouri blast accused with several other BJP leaders being widely circulated all over. How’s it that a deadly terrorist owing allegiance to the Pak based terror organization had managed his access to the corridors of power and entered North Block where even the top politicians and bureaucrats have restricted entry. It apparently is not an intelligence failure but a wilful act of BJP leadership to use terrorists for promotion of their political interests, said Mr. Singh raising a valley of questions over the unfettered entry of a top terrorist in BJP and state institutions?

Describing the BJP regime as devious, totalitarian, undemocratic and sinister, Mr. Singh said that its demagogy and unprincipled politics deserved mourning and not mere condemnation. He said that people were fast recognizing the real face and character of BJP and would teach it a befitting lesson at the hustings. He appealed to the people to support the Aam Aadmi Party which alone could satisfy the urges and aspirations of common masses and provide a clean and transparent system of governance.