BJP regime crushing people of J&K under its feet: Harsh Dev

Jammu:  Having downgraded the State of J&K and subjected it to its proxy rule for the last around four years, the BJP regime had left no stone unturned to crush the aspirations of its people and to rub them contemptuously under its feet. This was stated by Mr. Harsh Dev Singh, Former Minister and Chairman AAP J&K while speaking to media persons in Jammu today.

 “With the erstwhile historical state of J&K having been dismantled and downgraded to UT level by divesting it of its statehood status and further, depriving it of the much trumpeted development packages, opening the lands and Jobs of its locals to outsiders, suppressing all critical voices through the coercive apparatus of the govt, demolishing institutions, besides running the affairs of state since June 2018 through proxy rule of centre and now evicting the poor people from their marginal land holdings, the BJP regime appeared to be testing the patience of the people of the erstwhile princely state. He said that the people were being harassed, intimidated and persecuted on one pretext or the other with the latest move of the govt to retrieve the lands from poor and indigent farmers having created massive resentment amongst the even otherwise docile masses. New laws were being enacted for J&K on a regular basis by ‘babus’ in the centre and implemented in J&K without any Legislative nod through the aegis of Home Ministry by taking recourse to J&K Re-organization Act. The people were subjected to the most unpopular rule of outside bureaucrats who lacked even the basic knowledge of the problems of the common masses and had hardly any connection with the people. And the BJP which had been voted to power in the centre continued to use J&K as a workshop holding newer experiments each day deliriously unmindful of the abyss to which it had thrown the people of the erstwhile State”.

          “With no takers for the woes and sufferings of the people, the govt was thriving on fake announcements and fictional accounts of its achievements with nothing tangible to be seen on the ground. People suffered the worst nightmares due to the power and water crisis. The govt failed to act. The people of remote areas continue to suffer ration problems with no takers for their repeated requests and reminders. Several houses and other residential units of poor indigent masses have collapsed in flash floods and inclement weather but none to respond. The daily rated workers of PHE, PWD, Power, I&FC are without wages for several months with none to pay attention to their pathetic plight. The unemployed educated youth were on the roads. The MGNREGA liability has exceeded one thousands crore during the last 5-6 years but none in the govt is there to even console the poor labourers. The academic activity in remote village schools has been paralysed due to acute deficiency of teaching staff. The corruption has become all pervasive with none to question those indulging in open loot and plunder of the states’ resources. And those who have the temerity to question are dubbed as anti-nationals. But despite all this the govt was indulging in incessant chest thumping and claiming to have brought about revolutionary changes. And dissent was being muzzled through the coercive apparatus of the state. The fact of the matter was that the general masses were feeling suffocated and suppressed under the dictatorial policies of the current regime ruling the roost by evading democratic process.

          With justice remaining elusive and the govt being run on the whims and fancies of helmsmen, it was not the rule of law that prevailed in J&K but the law of the Ruler. And in the process, the common man of J&K was being crushed and rubbed under the feet by a highly impudent and authoritarian BJP govt, said Mr. Singh.