BJP scared of NPP

 Assembly constituencies of district Udhampur disfigured, deformed: Harsh

Udhampur, 04-01-2022 Accusing the Delimitation Commission of having succumbed to the dictates of the Saffron party in the re-adjustment of the territorial boundaries of Assembly constituencies, Mr. Harsh Dev Singh Chairman JKNPP and former Minister today said that it was the political expediency of BJP which was the primordial consideration rather than the convenience of the public in the process of delimiting of Assembly seats in J&K. “ The new constituencies had been drawn in BJP office with the Delimitation commission merely acting as a rubber stamp and assisting the former in achieving its political designs. The suggestions of opposition parties, social and other organizations besides the civil society seemed to have been summarily rejected and the said commission surrendered before the present authoritarian regime like many other so called autonomous bodies”. This was stated by Mr. Harsh Dev Singh while addressing a public meeting at Roundomail in Udhampur today.

“While the BJP had innocuously interfered in the working of the Delimitation commission in all the constituencies, it had in a way usurped the domain of the said commission in so far as the Delimitation of Assembly seats of the district Udhampur were concerned. Not only was the decision regarding the reserved seat of the said districts taken by the BJP but the re-adjustment of territorial boundaries has also been done at the behest of the ruling party only to checkmate Panthers Party which had become a powerful force in the district and a threat to BJP in general”, maintained Harsh. Asserting that BJP was scared of the rising graph of NPP particularly in district Udhampur, Mr. Singh said that it was using its influence to re-create Assembly seats in the district in the manner which suited its own political interests. And in the process it was abusing the Delimitation commission as a tool to get its political objectives accomplished. The Assembly constituencies as reported were being recreated without adhering to set norms and procedures giving rise to severe distortions in the size as well as shapes of new constituencies. It seemed to be none of the concerns of the BJP-Delimitation combine even if the newly created constituencies were disfigured or deformed as the ultimate objective seemed to be the political convenience of the BJP, Harsh divulged.

“Not only were the proposed Assembly constituencies irregularly and haphazardly created in district Udhampur but the basic principles of delimitation envisaging contiguous units for respective constituencies had also been thrown to the winds. Further the much highlighted demand of Pancheri, Mongri and Lander areas for a new Assemby constituency had also been disregarded causing huge resentment in the hilly, most backward and remotest Bhomag belt of district Udhampur”, Harsh said.  He cautioned that BJP’s high headedness and its unfair conduct shall spell its doom in district Udhampur in the coming elections.