Deputy Mayor Adv. Purnima Sharma reviews Multilevel Parking in ward no. 01.

Speaking after taking the review of the whole work Hon’ble Deputy Mayor Adv. Purnima Sharma said that today she conducted the review inspection of the multi level parking at panjtirthi in ward no. 01.
The review inspection was conducted mainly to check the progress made in the construction work of multi level car parking at panjtirthi and regarding the time remaining for its completion without any delay.
She further said that as per the information provided during the review inspection, if no issue is encountered, the multi level parking is to be completed till the end of march next year i.e. March 2022 and in case, any issue is encountered, the completion may get delayed by 3 to 4 months.
She further briefed that only construction of two more floors is left and after that furnishing will be done which will mark the completion of the multi level parking.
She further added that once this multi level parking is completed it will be provide a relief to the traffic congestion problem as well as on road parking issues in the old city area of Jammu.