Detritus of Malgovernance afflicting J&K: Harsh

Udhampur, -12-2021:   Disputing the claims of development, normalcy and corruption free system in J&K being repeatedly made by the central and state BJP leaders, Mr. Harsh Dev Singh Chairman-JKNPP and former Minister accused the present regime of indulging in self praise and self adulation without showing anything tangible on the ground. A govt which promised a visible change in J&K after Art 370 abrogation has failed to curb even the gradual deterioration in the delivery of public services with a highly ascendant bureaucracy averse to the woes and sufferings of common masses. With its performance being in inverse proportion to the articulation of its promises, the people were fast losing faith in the present regime. He said that there were tensions in various parts of the erstwhile State after its reorganization into UTs in view of the centre’s failure to allay the apprehensions of the people of various regions. He argued that the BJP govt had failed to address the concerns of various aspirational groups which has sparked outrage in various regions as was being manifested in the shape of ever increasing protests and public demonstrations being organized on day to day basis. He was addressing public meetings in Hartrayan and Kaldi villages of Ghordi block today.

             “The tall slogans of the employment package for J&K have all evaporated into their air. Instead of providing gainful employment to educated unemployed youth, the recent past witnessed large scale retrenchments in public and private sectors. The Education, Power, PHE and Health sectors in particular are in a mess with acute deficiency of manpower having adversely impacted the functioning of these significant deptts. People are suffering for want of civic amenities with authorities apathetic to their woes and sufferings. And while the people continue to suffer the govt is busy patting its own back”, lamented Mr. Singh.

            “The fact of the matter is that J&K continues to bleed. Development has come to a grinding halt with corruption having become all pervasive. Those who question the policies of the govt are treated with derision and contempt. Right to hold peaceful protests which is a hallmark of Indian democracy is often denied. People are suffering for want of basic needs. Several State Commissions have been dissolved without providing suitable alternative forums for grievance redressal thus adversely affecting the rights of poor litigants who had pinned hopes in such commissions. Several daily rated workers have been terminated. Several casual and need based workers are apprehensive about their future. Several employees of Health, Education and Social Welfare etc have been terminated in the most clandestine manner in violation of the principles of natural justice. The activities of opposition leaders, despite their nationalist credentials, are kept under surveillance. And there seem to be two sets of laws in the State. One for BJP and other for opposition parties. While the opposition parties have been divested of their security and official accommodation after Reorganization of State, BJP leaders and workers continue to enjoy the luxury of a fleet of security vehicles with huge deployment of police personnel with them besides their continuance in Ministerial Bungalows and other govt accommodation. And while state lands, forest lands, municipal and JDA lands continue to be occupied by BJP leaders and their cronies, the poor and uninfluential are being evicted and bulldozed in the name of illegal encroachments. And all this in a govt which gave tall slogans of good governance, accountability and transparency after Art 370 abrogation and division of state into UTs,” said Mr. Singh.

            With J&K continuing to bleed after its division into two UTs, the BJP govt at the centre seemed to be least bothered about the detritus of malgovernance afflicting the UT of J&K.