‘Dogras back stabbed by their own mandated leaders’: Harsh Dev

Chenani:   Appealing the people to strengthen and support Panthers Party, Mr. Harsh Dev Singh Chairman-JKNPP and former Minister today said that a regional party of Jammu alone could assuage the hurt psyche of Dogras and deliver justice to the hitherto neglected and incarcerated Dogra land. Accusing the BJP of back stabbing Dogras, he said that these self proclaimed champions of Jammu surrendered before the Kashmir centric forces immediately after attaining power by jettisoning even their own fundamentals. They not only acted in furtherance of the agenda of their Kashmir centric bosses during the three and a half year rule but abandoned all issues of Jammu to keep their ally in good humour, maintained Mr. Singh. And now on the eve of elections these saffron leaders have once again started harping over the old populist slogans of youth empowerment, Employment and development packages and the like to hoodwink the gullible masses in a bid to retrieve their lost ground, said Harsh. He said that people could no longer be cajoled by such deceptive slogans as they had very well recognized the duplicitous character of BJP and seen through its opportunistic politics. He was addressing public meetings in Jakhed, Bandholi, Marohti, Sira, Sudh Mahadev and Samroli during his two days tour of Chenani constituency.

            Accusing the BJP of playing second fiddle to PDP during its three and a half years, Mr.  Harsh Dev Singh said that it needed to explain its appeasement of Kashmir in total disregard for Jammu’s sentiment after ascending the thrown of power. He said that it was the time to question the BJP about the promises that it made to its electorates during previous parliamentary and Assembly elections. “Not only did the BJP fail to keep its promises but inflicted the biggest dent upon Dogra pride and honour by its successive compromises and surrenders. It was with BJP support that PDP and other separatist forces succeeded in dubbing Dogras as ‘rapist supporters’. It was BJP govt at the centre and state that denied CBI probe in Rasana case, a demand which was most vociferously made not only by people of District Kathua but entire Dogra belt. The BJP remained a mute spectator despite an avalanche of protests held in support of CBI probe to unearth the truth in Kathua murder case. The BJP Ministers preferred to remain mute spectators when Dogras were languishing on roads and protesting along with women and aged for justice in sun and rain. How can the people of Jammu who gave massive overwhelming mandate to BJP in both parliamentary as well as Assembly elections ever forget the humiliation heaped upon them”, said Harsh, adding that nightmarish experiences of BJP-PDP rule will continue to haunt the Dogras for years. The astounding betrayal of Dogras by BJP needs to be appropriately responded, said Harsh. “Let’s join hands to give a befitting reply for all their acts of treachery and subterfuge. Remember, it’s not the BJP of A.B Vajpayee or L.K Advani. It is not the BJP that followed the principles of Dr. Shyama Prasad Mukherjee. Its moral halo has dissipated. It’s a pale forlorn shadow of its once vibrant self. Today’s BJP is a heterogeneous combination of political toddlers and turn coats from congress and other parties whose sole objective is to capture power by any means”, roared Harsh.

            Mr. Singh said that with the BJP fast losing its sheen and steam, these political toddlers would be the first to desert it. The BJP was also a sinking ship and the political ‘rats’ would be the first to abandon it as has been the case with PDP, observed Singh. He said that it was the Panthers leaders alone who remained steadfast and refused to quit despite all odds and hostile situations. Appealing the people to adopt the dogma of NPP, Mr. Singh re-iterated that the fight for the cause of Jammu shall be taken to its logical conclusion.