Farooq Abdullah & Bhim Singh met to form unity for restoration of Statehood & Assembly Elections

In an informal Heart to Heart meet between Dr. Farooq Abdullah, M.P & President, National Conference & Prof. Bhim Singh, President, J&K National Panthers Party at Jammu, it was discussed and they called His Excellency President of India to restore the Statehood in Jammu and Kashmir which was demolished by the BJP Govt. on August 5, 2019. They expressed their anguish sharing the emotions of the masses of the erstwhile State.  Since then people are suffering political and administrative uncertainty. There is no rule of law or accountability at the levels of Centre and the State.

Dr. Farooq Abdullah had come to visit and enquire about the health of Prof. Bhim Singh. Dr. Farooq Abdullah wished healthy long years to Prof. Bhim Singh so that both can work together to get people of the State justice denied to them since August 5, 2019. The get-together resolved to launch an effective movement together for immediate restoration of Statehood and ensure equitable development of the 3 regions, ensuring employment to educated, skilled and technically highly qualified youth of the State.

It was felt by both the leaders that Muslims and Hindus in the State alone can ensure security of each other. The security of the people is not only the job of Police, Army and paramilitary forces. The ‘Hatred and Distrust’ has to be eliminated which has been ingrained by the present political ruling party.

Both the leaders discussed the possibility of holding a meeting of all State recognized political parties namely NC, PDP & JKNPP to discuss the movement for restoration of Statehood and State Assembly elections. Dr. Farooq Abdullah suggested the name of Mohd. Yousuf Tarigami CPI (M) Leader in J&K. Dr. Farooq Abdullah proposed the meeting of all State recognized political parties on December 19, 2021 at Jammu.

Among those who attended the meet included Dr. Farooq Abdullah (President National Conference), Prof. Bhim Singh (President JKNPP) and other senior leaders from both sides.