Government should stop harassing farmers: Shiv Sena

 Farmers doing farming should get ownership of land: Sahni

 Jammu.  The Jammu and Kashmir unit of Shiv Sena has demanded to grant ownership rights of the land to the farmers who have been cultivating the Govt. agricultural land over the decades just to make their livelihood.
 Today (Wednesday) dozens of Shiv Sainiks, under the leadership of President UT J&K Manish Sahni, protested vigorously against the campaign to evict farmers who had been cultivating government land for decades, raising their voice for the cause of farmers.
 Sahni said that all the claims of the ruling party, which claims to be farmer friendly and their well-wishers for doubling the farmers’ income, are proving to be hollow . Sahni said that most of the small farmers do not have their own land for cultivation.  The girdawari of farmers holding government land had already been rejected by the revenue department.
  Now if they are  evicted then a new problem will arise.  He said that the Roshni Act was implemented by the previous governments only to give the ownership of the land being cultivated by him. But  Politicians and bureaucrats looted heavily under the guise of Roshni Act.  He lamented that when the aforesaid brazen loot was exposed and came to limelight , the files of such cases went missing . Now the  scapegoats are being made to the farmers.
The Revenue Department is preparing to evict these poor and  small farmers from the land accusing them of encroachment.  In some areas of Kathua district of Jammu, the Revenue Department has issued notices asking farmers to vacate the land.
 Sahni said that the Hon’ble High Court has given directions to get the lands vacated from those encroaching on government lands.  These farmers have been taking care of their families by cultivating these lands for decades as prospective owners. The farmers who worked day and night on these lands for 40 to 50 years to make them cultivable, instead of making them their owners.  Trying to get evicted from here.  He said that the present central government is doing anti-farmer work one after the other.  He said that if the farmers are not given ownership rights on these lands,   then a movement like Delhi  border  will be repeated  in Jammu and Kashmir. On this occasion President Women’s Wing Meenakshi Chhibber, General Secretary Vikas Bakshi, Chairman Rakesh Gupta, Vice President Sanjeev Kohli, Balwant Singh, Sandeep Bhagat, President Youth Wing Binny Mahajan, President Kamgar Wing Raj Singh, Preeti Sharma, Secretary Praveen Gupta, Rajesh Handa, Sumit  Abrol, Rajindra Kumar, Neelam Devi and many others  were present