Indian Army organises IT Literacy Cadre at Tangar, Ramban

Indian Army commenced Skill Development Course on IT Literacy at Tangar village in District Ramban (J&K) on 02 Feb 2023. A total of 45 students including nine girls will be attending the course. The IT Literacy Cadre is initiated with an intent of empowering the students with necessary skills of computers. The capsule will be organised over a period of 30 days wherein basic computer education will be imparted to students of remote areas who are hitherto fore unaware of IT education. The noble initiative was joined by local Govt schools by subscription to IT classes. The IT Literacy cadre is extension of Central Govt flagship project Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan. This programme will not only facilitate modernising the education but also impart basic literacy towards Government initiatives of transparent governance, said an Indian Army official during the event. In a humble inauguration ceremony, Indian Army provided desktop PC, laptops and All in One type PC. During the same, the students were also informed about various courses and schemes promulgated by both state and Central Government which could benefit them in utilizing the recently acquired skill set in future. The curriculum will of cadre will be mix of theory and practical which will be biased towards latter to ensure maximum handling of IT assets. This initiative is enthusiastically adopted by local villagers when volunteers to take class approached Indian Army, which is an expression of willing participative and inclusive attitude by villagers. With the rapid change in the socio-economic environment, this initiative is likely to facilitate the Awaam of the region to face future challenges of unemployment as well as assist them in earning a respectable livelihood. The participating students as well as prominent members of civil society were appreciative of the unique initiative undertaken by the Indian Army.