Insecure BJP hunting down Congress, NC, NPP workers

Coercion, allurements used to break the opposition leaders: Harsh Dev

Jammu: Accusing the BJP of conspiring to break the opposition parties, Mr. Harsh Dev Singh Chairman-JKNPP and former Minister today observed that the predators of saffron brigade were resorting to all kinds of nefarious moves to crush dissenting voices. “Not only were the opposition leaders lured and seduced by the BJP with lucrative offers and promises of better political prospects on abandoning their respect political parties but coercive methods were also being used to make them fall in line. Those opposition leaders who refused to oblige BJP merely on material gains were bullied and browbeaten by using the coercive apparatus of the state. Threats, intimidations, assaults, allurements, detentions and persecutions were the most commonly used tools by the BJP to disintegrate the opposition parties. And the basic objective was not to allow any party to stand in opposition to BJP”, asserted Mr. Singh. He was addressing a press conference in Jammu today.

Pointing towards the murky developments in the erstwhile state of J&K during the past few years, Mr. Singh said that BJP’s machiavellian politics started with the creation of a new political outfit under the name and style of ‘Apni Party’ by causing dissensions in NC, PDP and Congress. “The secret understanding between BJP and Apni Party further came to fore as the two parties joined hands and collectively fought the DDC elections at District level for electing the DDC chairpersons. Not only that several DDC members were given attractive offers for quitting their respective parties and joining either BJP or Apni Party. And for the purpose they were granted immunity from the provisions of anti-defection law. A senior Congress leader who was known for his pro Jammu and anti BJP stand was over night made to embrace the saffron party. Likewise stage managed resignations of various other opposition leaders in the past few years had created a lot of furor in political circles with BJP leaders acting from behind the curtains. Several leaders of NC have also been made to fall in line. And further, the NPP which was the only voice of Jammu region is being targeted. Many of its leaders and workers were being seduced or being threatened to quit the party only to weaken the movement launched by it against the anti people, anti Jammu and anti poor policies of BJP besides the betrayal of the latter with the cause of educated unemployed youth of the erstwhile state”, lamented Singh.

Describing the BJP’s handling of dissent and disquiet as repulsively bizarre, undemocratic and morally sinister, Mr. Singh appealed to NPP workers not to succumb before the machiavellian designs of the power hungry party. He said that he would stand with his people through thick and thin and continue to expose BJP for all its acts of subterfuge and political blasphemy even if he was left alone on the opposition turf.

Mr. Gagan Pratap Singh; Mr. Parshotam Parihar (State Secretaries-JKNPP); Mr. Surinder Chouhan (District President Jammu Rural) and Mr. Gurdeep Singh (Youth Secretary Jammu Rural) were also present in the press conference.