Javed Hassan Baig demands prompt investigation in Gutiyar Death Case

SRINAGAR: Apni Party Spokesperson Javid Hassan Baig on Tuesday demanded an impartial and fast-track basis investigation in the mysterious Gutiyar death case wherein a woman was found dead in the orchards after going missing.

In a statement issued here, Baig said the police need to act on a prompt basis and nab the perpetrators of this heinous incident at an earliest that has left her family in deep shock.

“There is a deep anger and despair among the people over this horrible incident. The investigating agencies should produce the criminals of this crime to justice so that the people repose their faith in the system,” he said.

Baig also said that there has lately been a tremendous rise in such incidents wherein people are being ruthlessly murdered and the perpetrators escape without being prosecuted.

“With every passing day, the situation on ground is becoming drastic as the people are in a state of utter panic. The administration needs to take appropriate actions against such incidents and try to devise a comprehensive policy so as to avoid the recurrence of such events in future,” he said.