JCCI President Arun Gupta highlight the problems being faced by Business Community.


CCI calls for Jammu Bandh on Sept 22

Traders’ body alleges discrimination as never before

JAMMU: The Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCI) Jammu expressed great anguish over the discrimination of highest degree with traders of Jammu region by the government. Looking into the atrocities of the government on the business class of Jammu Division, Jammu Chamber has decided to give a clarion call for Jammu Bandh on September 22, 2021 due to directions-less policies of the government which are hitting the business fraternity especially in Jammu region.

There are certain points which Chamber has raised from time to time with the officers sitting at the helm of affairs which read as under:

Closure of Wine/Bars Vendors

Firstly it was wine shop owners who got the jolt by the so-called New Excise Policy and now the Liquor Bar owners are the next targets of the anti-Jammu administration. Hundreds of wine traders have lost their livelihood after the introduction of e-auction of liquor vends in Jammu and Kashmir. Majority of 228 liquor traders lost their shops in the e-auction conducted recently in the Jammu and Kashmir.

Almost after a gap of two months when the government has e-auctioned wine shops, the liquor bars across the Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir have been briefly closed as the Excise Department has sought renewal of licenses and ‘No Objection Certificate’ from the more than 20 department to be obtained by the owners/operators.

Nearly 250 liquor bars are running in the UT of J&K including in private hotels, clubs owned are functional across the Union territory and thousands of people are engaged in this business for the last several years. The above move of the government as badly affected their livelihood in large. We have requested the government several times in this regard but government is not paying any attention

Issue of banquet Halls

Banquet Halls are also facing the brunt of government baseless restriction on number of guests. As we know, Covid-19 has broken down the backbone of our traders. Banquet halls are the worst sufferers due to continued lock downs on account of Pandemic Covid-19 and now government has allowed only 25 persons to attend the social/religious gatherings. The majority of banquet halls are spread over more than 10-40 Kanals of land and what to speak of 25 people, the crowd of 200 persons will be barely visible unless restrictions are completely lifted the people would avoid booking of such huge complexes for just 25 persons only for social cultural and other functions which will further aggravate the hardships for this section of business community. We therefore request to fix the capping criteria in case of banquet halls as per their size and capacity and allow these to function with 50% capacity.

Opening of Reliance Stores

Jammu Chamber has also expressed resentment over the proposal of big companies like Reliance to open stores in Jammu in the retail sector, saying that if this happens then small shopkeepers of Jammu will be ruined and their shops will be closed. Inspite of adding opportunities for business, the directionless government has snatched away what was in the hand of traders which is unacceptable.

Ending of decade-long Annual Darbar Move

The Annual Darbar Move process was aimed at maintaining communal harmony and brotherhood especially among the people of Jammu and Kashmir regions and ending this process would have an adverse impact not only upon the traditional bond between the two regions and their people but also on the business community. Thousands of families from Kashmir and Jammu used to move along with darbar to spend winter and summers in Jammu and Kashmir. It has severely affected on the traders of Jammu as well as Kashmir regions.

Debarring of Mahajan, Khatri , Sikhs and Jains communities from purchasing agricultural lands in J&K

Under alleged conspiracy, the members of these communities are debarred from buying or selling land in the J&K Union Territory. It seems to be a caste based system in purchasing and selling land in Jammu and Kashmir under new Land Laws amended by the Centre after abrogation of Article 370. The members of these communities can purchase and sell land across the country but it is extremely depressing that they cannot purchase even one Kanal of agricultural land whereas there is no such restriction on people belonging to other communities. All the citizens of the country are treated equally before law irrespective of caste, colour or creed but the government adopts dual policy and gross injustice with these communities. Government should revoke its order debarring the aforesaid communities from buying or selling land in J&K.

Sand mining, Crushers and Brick kiln Trade

The policy adopted by the Geology and Mining Department with regard to allotment of mining and extraction contracts as alarming and against public interest. The lack of protective mechanisms in the policy has deprived thousands of families of their livelihood and exposed consumers to exploitation by a mining syndicate. Over 60% of mining contracts have gone to the outsiders. From contractors to sand diggers, labourers to transporters, who are directly or indirectly associated with the extraction of minerals, all have lost their livelihood. Some of them, especially sand diggers have been involved in these activities for decades. The above move of J&K Government has affected the livelihood of thousands of people in the region.

Visit of MPs to J&K

The outreach programme started by the Government of India in which over 300 Members of Parliament visiting Jammu and Kashmir seems to be solely meant for Kashmir as practically Jammu is not on their itinerary and it looks that the region is declared as out of bound for the visiting delegates. Those who visited Jammu they only preferred to meet the leaders belonging to a particular party, ignoring the stakeholders of Jammu region. It seems that government is acting totally against the interest of the Jammu people and is appeasing the people of the other region despite Jammu being the nationalist and staunch supporter of the government.

Looking into such prejudice with the people of Jammu in general and traders in particular the CCI has decided to go on an agitation path and the first step in this regard is the Jammu Bandh on September 22. He appealed to the people of the region to extend support to this call for awakening the government from deep slumber as it has been taking people of Jammu as for granted and paying full attention towards Kashmir which is unwarranted and will not be tolerated at any cost.

Passenger Tax on Commercial Vehicles

The Passenger tax on Commercial Vehicles is not applicable anywhere in any UT of India. We question the government why it is being charged in our UT.