JKNPP President Bhim Singh disowns concocted statement mischievously attributed to him

J&K National Panthers Party (JKNPP) President Prof. Bhim Singh has clarified that a slanderous statement has been attributed to him by some misguided individuals from party allegedly against Mr. Sewa Singh Bali, former General Secretary of Panthers Trade Union (PTU), who had recently resigned from JKNPP and joined some other party based in New Delhi on September 9, 2021. There is nothing on record to support this allegation against anybody nor any Disciplinary Alert issued to him ever by the Party high command till, he continued in the party.

Prof. Bhim Singh asserted that the impugned press release is wrong and baseless, never was deliberated nor any such statement issued to media by the Working Committee, Mr. P.K Ganju Journalist, Sr. Vice President & Chief Spokeman–JKNPP has also denied that he has not signed such a statement on behalf of the Working Committee of JKNPP. Prof.Bhim Singh after a thorough investigation has not found any allegation against party leadership as has been stated in the press statement issued by Mr. P.K. Ganju. Prof.Bhim Singh has also talked to many Working Committee members if such a statement was made by any member of the Working Committee. Majority of the members of the Working Committee have also denied the use of such allegation as alleged by a Minority of the Working Committee. This statement was never made in the Working Committee which I was presiding on Sunday, September 12, 2021.

Prof.Bhim Singh has described the allegations alleged in the name of Working Committee which is totally false and did not behove those who have made such a false statement on behalf of the Working Committee.

Prof.Bhim Singh shall appoint five senior members of the Working Committee to raise immediate inquiry within seven days on the allegations mentioned by the Sr. Vice President, Mr. P.K. Ganju to hold deep inquiry into this matter. Those responsible to blackmail the Panthers Party shall be made answerable.