JKNPP protests against civilian killings in Kashmir

BJP govt should be dismissed lock, stock and barrel: Harsh Dev

Jammu:   Condemning the series of brutal civilian killings in Kashmir besides a recent episode of targeted killing of two non locals comprising a street vendor and a carpenter,  scores of Panther activists spearheaded by Mr. Harsh Dev Singh Chairman-JKNPP and Mr. Yash Paul Kundal, General Secretary-JKNPP & Ex-Minister staged a vociferous protest demonstration in Jammu today. The infuriated protestors amid raising anti-BJP slogans demanded outright dismissal of the BJP govt at the centre. Meanwhile, the NPP leaders had a scuffle with the J&K police which had raised huge barricades to restrain them from taking out the procession.


Peeved over the turbulent situation in J&K and unabated civilian killings in the valley, Mr. Harsh Dev Singh said that there was total chaos and anarchy prevailing in the UT and the cowardly act of the militants killing 11 innocent civilians in the spate of attacks till now narrated the sordid tale of death and destruction causing fear psychosis among the people Terming the killings of Arbind Kumar Sah a street vendor and Sageer Ahmed a carpenter at point blank range as attack on humanity, he lambasted the BJP govt at the centre and its proxy running in J&K for having grossly failed to respond appropriately to the situation created in the erstwhile State. “Organizations like the TRF and ULF backed by LeT have become active to embark on a killing spree. Things have gone from bad to worse as the BJP govt has failed to curb the deteriorating situation in the valley. The perpetrators are on a carnage mission and you are just condemning Pakistan only to absolve yourself from the prime responsibility of providing security to the citizens. This is non-sense. Act before it’s too late”, Harsh took a jibe at the BJP.

Expressing anguish over the situation reverting back to early 90’s, Mr. Harsh Dev Singh said that the militants have a one point agenda to demolish the essence of  communal harmony by conducting ethnic cleansing in the valley. “They were hell bent to create the situation of ‘exodus’ in the valley to send a clear message  to the govt that the presence of minorities and non Kashmiris would be squarely wiped out to establish sectarian homogeneity in Kashmir. He alleged that the outside bureaucrats ruling the roost in J&K had been superficially drum beating over the return of peace in the valley deliriously oblivious of prevailing tensions. “The BJP govt has neither succeeded in mounting international pressure on rogue Pakistan to declare it a ‘terror state’ nor in providing security to the people which was your prime responsibility. You owe an explanation to the nation over the worst security lapse in the recent times. BJP govt should be dismissed lock, stock and barrel”, yelled Harsh.

Mr. Yash Paul Kundal while expressing concern over the fast deteriorating situation in UT rued that the BJP was shamelessly busy in breaking opposition parties and luring the opposition leaders rather than focussing on Pak sponsored terrorism. “An authoritarian BJP is hell bent to crush and demolish all opposition in J&K by using all possible means to silence all voices critical of its policies. Opposition leaders were being bullied, harassed, threatened, intimidated, and persecuted with several lucrative offers also being reportedly made to such leaders for abandoning their respective parties and joining BJP. And all this was being shamelessly executed at a time when the J&K UT was passing through the worst phase of ethnic cleansing, selective killings and terrorism exported from across the border. It is trying to fish in the troubled waters of J&K to draw political mileage out of the present crisis. It will prove futile and spell doom for the BJP”. He demanded compensation of Rs. 50 lacs to each killed. He said that the targeted killings in the valley should be condemned at every forum and the miscreants should be identified and booked under the law at the earliest. Since the assurances of ‘Achey Din’ have fallen flat, the government must go, asserted Kundal.


Prominent among those who spoke on the occasion included Rajesh Padgotra, Gagan Pratap Singh, Surinder Chouhan, Yashpaul Sharma, Shankaar Singh Sanju, Rampaul Sharma, Rashpaul Singh, Yashpaul Lahotra, Satish Sharma, Raj Pratap Singh, Maan Singh, Tarsem Singh, Munsha Singh, Balkar Singh, Shankaar Singh, Ram Lal, Satpaul, Ajmer Singh, Darshan Singh, Vijay Kumar besides others.