Lal Singh’s victimization is the outcome of BJP’s political vendetta: Harsh Dev

Jammu, 30-10-2021:  Accusing the BJP govt of abusing institutions for settling its personal and political scores, Mr. Harsh Dev Singh Chairman-JKNPP and former Minister said that Lal Singh the DSS leader and his family were the victims of the conspiracy hatched by the saffron leadership. The BJP leadership was all praise for the veteran leader as long as he remained in their party but became overnight a tainted leader after he started opposing and exposing them. And not only was he being targeted maliciously but his spouse and brother too were made to bear the brunt of BJP’s machiavellian designs and dirty politicking. He was addressing a press conference in Jammu today.

          Referring to the demolition of eight shops and a residential building of Rajinder Singh, the brother of Ch. Lal Singh last year, Mr. Harsh Dev Singh said that if it was a case of encroachment why was it allowed to be constructed in the first instance. And though demolition of unauthorized structures is to be welcomed, the said move being selective had certainly originated from a bad intent. He said that Mr. Rajinder Singh the brother of estranged BJP leader had been in possession of the said property for the last around 20-25 years. And during all these years it never occurred to the government to dismantle the said structures supposed to have been constructed illegally and in violation of norms, said Singh. As long as the two brothers remained in the ruling party, none questioned them with BJP embracing Ch. Lal Singh with all his idiosyncrasies. But as soon as he disassociated from BJP, and started criticising its dictatorial policies, the axe fell upon him with his business establishments declared illegal and eventually bulldozed. By taking action against the DSS leader, the BJP has once again demonstrated its policies of vendetta and its revengeful attitude towards its political adversaries.

          Advising the Saffron leaders to give a peep into their own dirty laundry, Mr. Harsh Dev Singh said that BJP blaming Lal Singh and his family members was like burglar blaming a pick-pocket. “Is Lal Singh’s brother or his family the only politician in the State having defied the Agrarian Reforms Act? Is there no other politician who has encroached State lands? What about those BJP Ministers and its Ex-MLAs who have been involved in Bank frauds, illegal transfers of land, Roshni scams, illegal constructions, violation of codal formalities in allotment of contracts, media bribing reports, mining scams besides large scale encroachments of State and forest lands? Not only that, the BJP has chosen to shut its eye to the most sensational disclosures made by the Governor SP Malik regarding a bribe of Rs. 300 crore offered to him by some BJP leaders. What kind of jurisprudence is being implemented in the BJP regime? The way the BJP issued rapid fire clean chits to its erring and corrupt leaders while victimizing its opponents only indicates its double standards and hypocrisy. The BJP has demonstrated how myopic you can get in the pursuit of your vested interests. It has proved that political witch-hunting is a game that has no rules, no protocol, no referee and which can be played by defying all norms”, said Mr. Singh.

          The action against Lal Singh’s family would have earned appreciation, had it been taken during his tenure as Minister, observed Harsh adding that present action could only be termed as ‘State terror’ disguised as ‘Legal process’.

          Mr. Gagan Pratap Singh, Mr. Parshotam Parihar (State Secretaries-JKNPP) and Mr. Surinder Chouhan (District President Jammu Rural) were also present in the press conference.