Memorandum Submitted by Rashtriya Hindu Vahini To DC Jammu Avny Lavasa 

Declaring mother cow as the national animal and banning cow slaughter in the whole of India.

I am a citizen of India. I am a follower of  Hinduism. In the coming years of India, the majority society is going to follow my religion. In my religion cow is considered as mother. All Hindus have faith in Geeta, Ganga and mother cow Connected. Cows are slaughtered in the state.
Where I live and in many other states, and their meat is bought and sold. Due to which the religious sentiments of the majority society get hurt. Therefore, through you, I want to draw the attention of your government to this matter.
Your Excellency President, through your government, by making a strict law in this matter and getting it implemented in the whole of India, the majority Protect the religious sentiments of the community. I and my entire community will always be grateful to His Excellency the President of this great democratic nation and his government.