No office work in J&K for the last 30 days

Govt offices rendered defunct due to tours of central Ministers: Harsh Dev

Jammu, 09-10-2021:   “With the central Ministers touring different parts of J&K over the last one month along with the District and sectoral officers, the govt offices have been virtually rendered defunct. There is hardly any officer in any of the offices to attend to day to day problems and grievances of the common masses thus compounding their woes and sufferings. While the officers justify absence from offices on the ground that they are pre-occupied with the visiting Ministers, the pendency of official files has multiplied manifold with even the emergency works also suffering badly triggering massive public outrage”. This was stated by Mr. Harsh Dev Singh Chairman-JKNPP and former Minister while speaking to a deputation of people of Chenani constituency who called on him today regarding the various burning issues of their respective villages.

            Describing the sojourn of central Ministers to J&K as a macabre drama having been conceptualized as a political firecracker ahead of the Assembly Elections, Mr. Singh said that it surely had failed to satisfy the people or to benefit them in any way. It had not only brought the normal administrative and official activity to a grinding halt but had also posed a huge financial burden on a cash starved UT like J&K which was finding it difficult to even pay for the wages and salaries of its employees, asserted Harsh.

Accusing the BJP leadership of indulging in theatrics and tantrums to woo the voters, Mr. Singh said that people of J&K could no longer be seduced by pomp and show of such ministerial functions. “No gimmickry could now beguile them. They were fast realizing that J&K was being used as electoral trump card by saffron party to brighten its prospects in elections across the country. Slogans like Art 370 were being used to promote the party in other parts of the country without addressing the genuine concerns of the people of J&K post Reorganization. The centre had failed to come up with a law so as to protect the jobs and lands of locals despite its loud pronouncements. The rural and remote areas were suffering immensely due to deprivation of basic amenities with none to respond to their shrill cries. The development had come to a grinding halt. And almost all announcements made by the central ministers during their sojourn to J&K last year had only proved as hoax without any follow up action taken to translate them into reality. The unemployed youth of J&K have been the worst sufferers with all recruitment having come to a standstill. The daily wagers, contractuals beside other sections of employees remained unpaid for months together with none to listen their woes. The liabilities under MGNREGA had swelled to over Rs. 1000 crore with govt failing to respond to repeated clamours of the village Panchayats for clearance of work done claims. With none to address the genuine concerns of the teeming millions, all tall talk of developmental trajectory in J&K had proved a farce. And now the visit of 70 Ministers had further added to financial burden of the UT besides cropping the normal functioning of the govt offices”, regretted Mr. Singh.

The NPP leader said that rather than visiting the UT to fulfil their urge for photogenic teleshoots, the BJP leadership might as well restore the civil liberties and other democratic rights of the people of J&K who are bearing the brunt of a dictatorial, authoritarian regime with none to respond to their shrill cries for justice