“NPP shall restore land rights of Mahajans, Khatris and Sikhs” BJP demeaned, diminished Jammu: Harsh Dev

Jammu, 24-09-2021 “Despite the tall promises made by the BJP to declare holding for 23rd September as a tribute to the legendary ruler, Maharaja Hari Singh, the nationalist people were a demoralized lot even after seven years of saffron rule in the country. The loud mouthed, over weight leaders of BJP had given repeated assurances to the people during Parliament as well as Assembly Elections in 2014 and thereafter as well that the most coveted demand of holiday on the birthday of the legendary dogra ruler would be conceded immediately after their ascendance to power. It was however shocking to note the U-turns taken by the BJP regime over the issue like various other election time promises made with people of Jammu region which too evaporated into the thin air after their climbing the ladder of power”. This was stated by Mr. Harsh Dev Singh Chairman-JKNPP and former Minister while speaking to media persons today.

            Pointing towards the continued neglect and deprivation of Jammu region even post Art 370 abrogation, Mr. Singh regretted that the dogra land continued to be divested of its due share in Jobs, development, funds allocation etc. And while Ladakh and Kashmir continued to receive the focussed attention of the central govt, the incarcerated land of dogras has been made to content with whatsoever little falls in its kitty. The Ladakhis have been assured of benefits of sixth schedule, protection of Jobs and lands, smart cities for both Leh and Kargil, Central University costing Rs. 750 crore, Infrastructure Development Corporation besides talks with LAB and KDA in progress for statehood and Art 371 like provision. The Kashmir region too has received unmitigated attention of the New Delhi rulers. If any region of the erstwhile state has suffered even after the re-organization process, it is Jammu region which continues to be taken for granted by the BJP.

            Describing the ban on purchase of land by Mahajans, Khatris and Sikhs as unconstitutional, Mr. Singh said that NPP would restore the land rights of the said communities if voted to power. He regretted that BJP had hardly shown any interest in completion of major Jammu projects including Artificial Tawi Lake project, Jumbo Zoo Project, development of border tourism and other of major tourist destinations in Sudh Mahadev, Man Talai, Patnitop-Sanasar, Dudu-Basantgarh, Bani and Lohai Malhar areas having tremendous potential. There was nothing for unemployed youth who were languishing on roads seeking gainful employment. The condition of rural areas in particular was pathetic with people clamouring day in and day out for better civic amenities with the govt having failed to respond to their genuine concerns. And whereas Jammu continued to contribute a major part of states tax revenue, it continued to be ignored in terms of development, funds allocation and employment, regretted Mr. Singh.

While Jammu has all along been supporting all moves of the centre even at the cost of its own interests, the latter has always failed to reciprocate appropriately, said Singh. “People of Jammu are used for vote bank politics with hardly any regard for their sentiments. The centre has all along been focused on Kashmir with Jammu made to reconcile with second class status. And the tradition continues even after Article 370 abrogation. Kashmir still continues to be pampered by the Union govt with central teams making announcements of a “Naya Kashmir” without offering anything to satisfy the urges of Dogra land that gave massive mandate to it. Not only our development has been hostaged but our self respect has been dented which has hurt the people most” asserted Mr. Singh.

Not only has the BJP compromised with the interest of Jammu region but has dwarfed its people by playing with their self respect and dignity also, said Mr. Singh. He said that denial of holiday on 23rd September in particular would cost the saffron party its postal address in the days to come.