Return Statehood of J&K JKNPP demands Assembly election by Aug. 2022 after restoration of Statehood

An emergency meeting of the JKNPP Working Committee was virtually held today in J&K. The members of the Working Committee unanimously appealed to the President of India, Shri Ramnath Kovind for intervention. JKNPP said that since August 5, 2019 the J&K is under President’s Rule. There has been no Assembly or State Govt. The residents of J&K and Ladakh have been suffering without the rule of democracy and elected government.

 JKNPP President Prof.Bhim Singh presided over an emergency meeting of the Working Committee. He moved a resolution demanding restoration of Statehood which was demolished on August 5, 2019 by the Parliament.

i).      The JKNPP has demanded immediate restoration of Statehood which came into being in 1846 and demolished in 2019 through the Resolution of the Parliament of India. The Panthers Party has also warned the Union Govt. to immediately restore the Statehood and hold fresh Assembly elections before August 15, 2022, the Independence Day of India.

ii).     The JKNPP Working Committee has also called on all recognized political parties in J&K to join this movement so that the work can take place successfully for the return of democracy and rule of law in J&K which stands buried in the grave of democracy in J&K and Ladakh at this moment of time.

iii).    The JKNPP Working Committee has also demanded the application of rule of law and all Fundamental Rights in respect of all residents of J&K whose Fundamental Rights have been squeezed by the present dictatorial rule in J&K. Every Indian citizen has a fundamental right provided by the Constitution of India to be governed by a government chosen by the voters through elections.    

iv).    The Panthers Party also demanded immediate removal of J&K Public Safety Act which is illegally retained in J&K under the Governor Rule.

v).     The Working Committee also started the process of collecting the candidates for the next Assembly election in J&K and Ladakh.

          a).     The Working Committee has also decided that the first selected candidate chosen by the Working Committee unanimously shall include all those Panthers Party members who have won two Assembly elections till 2021.

          b).     Each candidate shall inform the party President of his/her consent to contest election by middle of February, 2022.

vi).    Those who intend to contest Assembly elections in this category shall write in hand personally a letter to the President of JKNPP by middle of February 2022.

vii).   All the District Committees shall send the names of the candidates from the District Constituencies by May 1, 2022.

In case the contesting candidates who have been enrolled for any constituency which later (before the election) is declared as reserved or the reserved the sel12ected candidate, shall have open choice to select his/her another constituency from his/her district.

          Prof.Bhim Singh declared in the Working Committee that he shall not be contesting any next election to the Assembly or Parliament from J&K. He shall support all the candidates from Ladakh, Kashmir and Jammu region with all his commitment.  

          The prominent leaders who attended the meeting include M/s. P.K. Ganju, Masood Andrabi, Ms. Anita Thakur, S. Paramjit Singh Marshall, Naresh Chib, Balwan Singh, Jehangir Khan, Neeraj Dewan, Surinder Kumar Wahi and others.