Shiv Sena  demand to rename the Mughal Road, Mughalia imprint not acceptable on iconic places

 Open letter to Home Minister Amit Shah and LG Sinha

 JAMMU — Shiv Sena (Uddhav Balasaheb Thackeray) J&K unit demanded that the historical  “Mughal Road” connecting Poonch and Rajori of Jammu division with Kashmir after the founder of the Dogra dynasty and the first Maharaja of the princely state of J&K, “Gulab Singh”.  In this regard,  Shiv Sainiks headed by Manish Sahni , President Shiv Sena J&K unit staged protest in their hands saying ” Mughlai impression not accepted on iconic places.Talking to the reporter here today state chief Manish Sahni said that Jammu and Kashmir was never a slave of the British and there are no descendants of the Mughals here, so why are the memories of the Mughals being pasted on us.
 Country’s largestBJP rule  state UP, the history of the Mughal rulers was dropped from the syllabus.
  The name of the Mughal Garden of the Rashtrapati Bhavan in the capital Delhi has been changed to “Amrit Garden”.  Names of roads and historical buildings named after Mughal rulers in Delhi have been changed. The present LG administration of Jammu and Kashmir has renamed 57 schools and roads in the state after martyrs and eminent personalities.
 But  renaming  the Mughal road have been overlooked.
There are no better memories associated with this road , was used by the Mughal rulers to attack and capture different regions of India, Akbar took this route to conquer Kashmir.
Sahni said that naming of prestigious places of the country after Mughal rulers cannot be accepted at all. Sahni has written an open letter to the country’s Home Minister Amit Shah and the Lieutenant Governor of Jammu and Kashmir demanding immediate renaming of “Mughal Road” to “Maharaja Gulab Singh” road.  On this occasion president Mehila wing Meenakshi Chibber, Gen Secretary Vikas Bakshi, GI  Singh , president Kamghar wing Raj Singh , Vice president Sanjeev Kohli,Prabhari Ashwani Prabhakar, Rajesh Handa , Shahsipal, Subash , Sham Kumar , Mangu Ram   and many others were present.