Shiv Sena holds unique protest by  performing “Sadbudhi Yagya” 

Prays for due rights to Jammu, restoration of peace in Kashmir in 2022

JAMMU, DEC 30: The Jammu and Kashmir unit of Shiv Sena staged a 2022unique protest against the alleged failures of the government on all fronts by organized a Yagnya praying for securing the due rights of Jammu and Kashmir, restoration of peace in Kashmir and for all the public issues including employment getting resolved in the New Year 2022.
According to a press handout issued by the party here today, Shiv Sainiks organized a “Sadbuddhi Yagnya” to lodge their protest under the leadership of party state president Manish Sahni, at the Maharaja Hari Singh statue site here today. While the Yagnya was being performed, the Shiv Sainiks were holding placards in their hands displaying slogans ‘Promise of development, employment unfulfilled’, ‘Stop selling Jammu’, ‘Separate statehood for Jammu’, ‘Secure Dogra cultural and identity’ and ‘Stop selling Jammu in 2022’. The Shiv Sainiks also chanted mantras praying to God to bestow wisdom to the Govt.
In his address on the occasion, Manish Sahni said that 2020 and 2021 were full of gloom and misfortune for the people of Jammu and Kashmir with Corona pandemic taking the toll on one hand and the government breaking all its promises made to the people of Jammu and Kashmir on every issue. He lamented that the government has failed to restore peace in Kashmir besides having failed to provide political justice to the Jammu region and its people. It has even failed to crack down its whip on the mining, toll and drug mafia due to which these blatant law violators are carrying illegal activities unabated.
 Sahni said that in the name of development, the Govt has initiated the process of selling Jammu and Kashmir under a well knit conspiracy to destroy the Dogra identity and culture while the Dogras are being misled by it by merely chanting the ‘Jammu Jammu’ slogan, he asserted. The issue of daily wagers is yet to be resolved, the public is being forced to take to the streets for the holiday to commemorate Maharaja Hari Singh on his anniversary. Prominent among others present on the occasion were  Chairman Rakesh Gupta, Vice President Sanjeev Kohli, Balwant Singh, Vikas Diwan, President Youth Wing Binny Mahajan, President Workers Wing Raj Singh, President RS Pura Balbir Singh, Secretary Geeta Lakhotra, Secretary Praveen Gupta, Rajesh Handa, Sumit Abrol,  Many leaders and workers including Pawan Singh, Neelam Kumari, Surendra Kumar, Dimple were present.