Shiv Sena names ‘Ambphalla Crossing’ as ‘Mukherjee Chowk’ , tribute to the true nationalist

Long wait of 15 years and  didn't find a place  under Smart City -- Sahni

JAMMU, OCT 29: The Shiv Sena Jammu and Kashmir unit has named City’s Ambphalla crossing as ‘Mukherjee Chowk’ as part of its efforts to pay tribute to the pioneer of the ideology of nationalism, Dr. Shyama Prasad Mukherjee.
The baptizing ceremony was conducted under the leadership of state President Manish Sahni accompanied by large number of Shiv Sainiks  by installing a sign board displaying the new name i.e  ‘Mukherjee Chowk’  here today.
While addressing the gathering on the occasion, Sahni said that even after a long wait of one and a half decades, the statue and the square of Dr. Shyama Prasad Mukherjee were not named, while even this great personality did not find a place in the sign boards under Smart City.
Due to which we are compelled to take this step. Dr. Syama Prasad Mookerjee’s efforts on Kashmir problem cannot be forgotten at
Dr Mukherjee   was the Ist to raised the voice on , ‘One Pradhan, One Nishan and One Constitution’  apart from being a staunch opponent of Article 370, and  also credited for abolishing the permit system from Jammu and Kashmir.
Taking a jibe at the BJP, he said that perhaps the incumbent ruling party is always kind to its leaders who get electoral benefits. That’s why maybe that despite passing of one and a half decades of earmarking the site for the installation of the statue of Dr. Shyama Prasad Mukherjee.
Sahni said, while the Mayor of Jammu city
the BJP leader had taken approval from the House in 2005 to install the statues of Indira Gandhi and Maharaja Hari Singh along with Mukherjee but installation of Mukherjee’s statue seems to have been lost in oblivion. On this occasion president mehila wing Meenakshi Chibber, Gen secretary Vikas Bakshi, Vice President Sanjeev Kohli, Balwant Singh, Vikas Dewan,  President Kamghar wing Raj Singh, President youth Binni Mahajan , Gen secretary youth  Rakesh Handa , Meena Rani  ,Rakesh Sumar , Summit Abrol , Balbir Singh , Bhuri Singh , Pawan Singh , Santosh Kumari , and many others were present.