Shiv Sena stages protest against petrol, diesel price hike by riding Tongas, Bullock carts

JAMMU, OCT 26:-  Shiv Sena  Jammu and Kashmir unit today staged a unique and strong protest against the continuous hike in fuel prices and skyrocketing inflation here today. A large number of Shiv Sainiks led by party state president Manish Sahni staged the protest by riding bullock carts and tongas raising vociferous slogans against the Central Govt for allegedly turning a blind eye towards this most significant issue  Addressing the media and Shiv Sainiks at the  Sidco chowk Bari Brahmna , Manish Sahni said, inflation is breaking all time records every day with the prices of petrol and diesel increasing unabated and it is really unfortunate that the government seems to be least bothered to provide some relief to the people on this count.  He said that at present the economy of the country is in deep crisis but the Modi government is unable to understand how to deal with this economic challenge. He has focused on the upcoming elections in other states including UP instead of resolving the daily fuel price hike issue that leads to prices of all commodities to shoot up to unprecedented levels. Sahni said that in the last seven years, the price of LPG cylinder has increased from Rs. 410 to Rs 950, while petrol has increased from Rs. 71 to Rs. 106 and diesel from Rs. 57 to Rs. 96 per litre. In such a situation it has become difficult for people of every class to survive. The ever-increasing prices of petrol, diesel and LPG have forced a return to the era of tongas and bullock carts.
             The Shiv Sena President said that this clearly exposes the anti-consumer intentions of the BJP Govt. He said that it is really an irony that BJP is the same party which while being in opposition used to raise hue and cry even over a meager hike in fuel prices and now under its regime all previous records have been broken with the hike in prices on almost daily basis.
   Sahni appealed to the Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, to spare some time and seriously consider measures to provide some relief to the people from the skyrocketing inflation.On this occasion President Women’s Wing Meenakshi Chhibber, General Secretary Vikas Bakshi, President , Vice president Balwant Singh , president Kamghar wing Raj Singh, General Secretary Kamghar  Balbir Singh, Sumit Abrol , Pawan Singh were present.