Stop controversy over religious Holy books: Shiv Sena

Protection should be included in place of "Thadana" : Sahni

Attempts being made to fight Hindus with Hindus:
JAMMU: Terming the controversy being raised in the country over the Shri Ramcharitmanas by Shri Tulsidas ji as mischievous act of making Hindus fight with Hindus, Shiv Sena (Uddhav BalaSaheb Thackeray) J&K President Manish Sahni sought thorough probe over the controversy. He further demanded rectification in the recorded wrong interpretations in all religious Holy books including Shri Ramcharitmanas.
Addressing the media persons here today, Sahni said that the interpretation of some couplets of Shri Ramcharitmanas including “Dhol, Ganwar, Shudra, Pashu, Nari Sakal Tadna” some politicians terming Shudra as an insult to Dalits and doing vote bank politics over this. Under this, attempts are being made to fight Hindu with Hindu.
Sahni said that every citizen of the country has the right to respect in the Constitution, which is called the most sacred book of Indian democracy. In such a situation, the ruckus that is being fueled regarding the couplets of a religious booklet written about 500 years ago is a big attack on the basic system of democracy.
Apart from Shudra, the inclusion of women, half of the country’s population, also raises doubts whether the word chastisement has been added under a mischievous act.
Inspired by this quatrain, a section of the society justifies atrocities against Dalits and women. Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh’s Sarsanghchalak Mohan Bhagwat said that Pandits created castes, castes and sects; all are equal to God. Means the RSS also supports the evil act Shiv Sena is saying.
Sahni demanded that the ruling Government at the Centre should probe the matter and correct the wrong interpretations recorded in all Holy books including Shri Ramcharitmanas. When Tulsidas ji did not write anything like this in the whole mind, then how could he have written controversial words in one or two couplets, he added. Among those who were present in the press conference include
President Women Wing Meenakshi Chhibber, General Secretary Vikas Bakshi, President Kamghar Wing Raj Singh were present.