Sureshta Khajuria along with her supporters joins LJP

Malik urges visiting 70 Union Ministers to address burning issues of people of J&K

 Jammu: On second consecutive day ,prominent women joined Lok Janshakti Party on Thursday in presence of Rafiq Malik LJP J&K UT President, Varun Bali LJP J&K UT Sr.Vice President,Sanju Bhagat LJP J&K UT Secy, Mulkh Raj LJP J&K UT President Labour Cell,Munish Rajput LJP Distt  Samba Youth President, Nirmal LJP Gen Secy  Minority Cell Jammu Province, Neha LJP J&K UT Secy Mahilla Wing, Rimpi LJP President Ward 19,Jyoti Devi LJP Media Incharge,Garo Devi LJP President Labour Cell Mahilla Wing, Preeti Devi LJP Gen Secy Labour Cell Mahilla Wing,Simran LJP Head Office Secy. In this regard, Sureshta Khajuria along with her supporters joined LJP reposing faith in policies and programmes of party.

Speaking on the occasion, Malik said that 70 Union Ministers scheduled to visit J&K should touch burning issues of J&K lest whole exercise at the expense of tax payers money should turn out to be a futile exercise if failed to reach out to the common man and address their public issues. He  said that BJP Govt is turning a blind eye towards the apprehensions and concerns of people of J&K, especially Jammu region. Taking a dig at Union Govt, Malik claimed that Jammu region is reeling under shortage of various basic requirements but Govt is unmoved.

Malik observed that BJP regime has antagonized all sections of people whether it is the youth, government employees, women or even children, this government has hurt every section of the society. Making a sketching attack on BJP, Bhalla regretted that people of the Jammu region are back stabbed by BJP leadership as the party has brazenly abandoned its core agenda and has adopted indifferent approach towards problems of the masses. Expressing his anguish over mounting problems of the common masses, Malik  said that during last seven years public grievances have mounted only resulting in restlessness among aggrieved people of J&K.  He reiterated his pledge to continue his crusade against the discrimination unless all the aspirations of the people were addressed and fulfilled in letter and spirit.

Malik expressed anguish over the ongoing anti-working class policies of Central Government which are causing innumerable hardships on the lives of common people in general and the working class in particular. He said that the alarming unemployment, price rise of essential commodities, large scale disinvestment of public sector units, attack on social security system like pension, amendment in labour laws in favour of corporate, outsourcing, unbundling of Govt departments in a massive way with the abolition of permanent post has caused large scale resentment among the employees/ workers in almost all sectors