Water Conservation Drive organised at Salhotri, Poonch

POONCH : 30 Mar 2023 :In furtherance of Prime Minister’s Mission ‘Amrit Sarovar’ a pond of 10 x 10 mtrs and 5 mtrs depth was created and dedicated to the people of Salhotri village in District Poonch (J&K).

An awareness drive was also organised for locals, specially children. The main aim of the event was to emphasize the significance of rejuvenating water resources and conserving water for our future, by using means like rain water harvesting and disciplined consumption of water. The importance of water and likely future challenges caused by water wastage were harped upon the impressionable minds, to leave a long-lasting impact and instill a sense of responsibility.

The locals thanked Indian Army efforts and promised to continue to conserve water for the betterment of society.