Working Committee meeting of JKNPP postponed to Jan. 22 at Jammu Party Hqrs.

 Prof. Bhim Singh, President of J&K National Panthers Party has directed to the Secretariat and advised the Organizing Secretary on March 23, 2022 Mr. Neeraj Dewan to send a clear message requesting all the Panthers Party members of the Secretariat, Working Committee and District Presidents of J&K and Ladakh through Mr. P.K. Ganju, Sr. Vice President of the party to kindly attend an urgent Working Committee meeting of the party on January 22, 2022. The earlier date to hold the WC meeting has been postponed on the request of the District Presidents coming from far away districts because of weather conditions and transportation.

          The Panthers Party President made it clear that there shall be one issue which shall be discussed with a clear and strong message to the Govt. of India as well as Lt. Governor in J&K that the Panthers Party stands for urgent restoration of Statehood to J&K, which was founded by Maharaja Gulab Singh in 1846. The BJP government demolished the Statehood without consulting the Assembly or even the representatives of the recognized political parties operating in J&K thus demolishing the Statehood of J&K without any reason.

          The Panthers Party and all its admirers and supporters stand for immediate restoration of the Statehood of J&K and Ladakh and hold the State Assembly election without delay in 2022.

          Prof. Bhim Singh directed all Panthers Party committees from Block to the District level and the provincial committees that all of them should take one mission first, “Return Statehood to J&K without fail or be ready to face Panthers from the streets to the Supreme Court”.