In continuation of the efforts to reach out to the village population as ‘OP SADBHAVANA Project’, Indian Army in Palma, Rajouri District conducted ‘Road Safety and Prevention’ awareness workshop at Youth Club Palma. Indian Army and trained Staffs imparted information about “Road Safety and prevention”. Over the years on account of economic prosperity in J&K, the vehicular traffic density has increased several folds which make these roads prone to road accidents. Road and transport has become an integral part of society. Road safety education is an essential as any other basic skill of survival. Road safety knowledge and awareness is created amongst the population through education training and publicity campaigns. Road safety focused on school children and safety campaign to propagate road safety practices for community. The border areas of Palma region is interspersed with number of roads. However, being a hilly terrain, the roads are narrow and winding with sharp bends. The participants were made aware on importance of wearing helmets and seat belts while driving. If correctly used, seat belts can reduce the risk of death in a road crash. The trainers stressed upon adaptive measures to the participants, to obey traffic rules, avoid drinking and not to talk on mobile phone while driving. The participants applauded the efforts of Indian Army for imparting road safety, knowledge and awareness.