A 20 Km cycling expedition for youth of Mendhar was conducted by Indian Army with the theme “Cycling for peace, prosperity and good health.” The expedition was organised with the aim to strengthen the bond between the Youth and security forces as well as to highlight the importance of good health by being physically active through cycling. The expedition began from Dhargalun and reached its destination Mendhar traversing through Kota-Sakipir Maidan-Mankote and Balnoi villages in Mendhar Sector. A large number of Youth participated in the event. The Indian Army expedition organisers shared map of the route with them and pointed out potential challenges point on the course. Refreshments, energy drinks were distributed to them. As a token of remembrance and incentive to boost cycling as a Sports activity, the participants riders were presented with cycles which they propelled in the event. The participants belonging to different areas of Mendhar Tehsil appreciated Indian Army for its efforts to deepen the bond between civilians and forces besides providing them opportunity to be part of the event highlighting benefits of good health.