“Illegal retention of Estates bungalows, govt vehicles”

BJP leaders looting tax payers’ money in collusion with corrupt officers in J&K: Harsh Dev

Jammu, 02-11-2021Referring to the illegal occupation of Estates mansions and Ministerial bungalows by BJP leaders besides retention of govt vehicles by them without any entitlement, Mr. Harsh Dev Singh Chairman-JKNPP and former Minister accused the politician-officer nexus of looting the state’s resources and public exchequer in J&K. He said that despite the Assembly having dissolved in 2018 and Ministers and MLAs having ceased to exist, it was shocking to note the continued encroachment of public properties by the Ex-legislators of BJP without any lawful authority due to the shelter provided to them by the corrupt bureaucrats of J&K. Not only were the said BJP leaders unlawful encroachers but even the High Court too had directed repeatedly for their eviction with recovery of penal rent from them for the period they overstayed in the said premises. The J&K bureaucrats however had allowed the said leaders to continue to hold possession of the said public premises in their desperation to keep the BJP and JKAP leaders in good humour. It was surely a case of ‘quid pro quo’. The officers were assured of favourable postings and were being granted personal benefits as a return gift. The Deputy Director Estates, Jammu was allowed to continue on the same post for more than 6 years for having served the cause of the BJP leaders. He said that these officers had been used by the BJP to throw out the opposition leaders from Estates quarters while providing all luxury items to the BJP leaders in their illegally occupied premises. It was further shocking to note that JK-Apni Party and Peoples’ Conference had been recently allotted Estates bungalow at Gandhi Nagar for their political offices while other top opposition leaders were thrown out of the govt quarters despite militant threats and security related issues faced by them.

Not only the Estates Bungalows but the security vehicles and PSOs were also being allotted purely on political considerations, said Mr. Singh. He pointed out that all the Ex-MLAs and Ex-Ministers of BJP and JKAP were provided security vehicles and a huge paraphernalia of security personnel while denying bare minimum security to opposition leaders. He said that even top leadership of recognized political parties has also been divested of their due security by withdrawing their escorts, vehicles as well as security PSOs despite facing militants’ threats. The security agencies had withdrawn the security cover of majority of opposition leaders and allotted the same to even the small time lower rung workers of BJP. He reminisced that only last year a report had been made public that a BJP worker of Kashmir had been provided as many as ten PSOs. Likewise many other insignificant people had been provided huge security at public expense in the most arbitrary manner purely on the whims and fancies of the helmsmen.

Seeking the personal indulgence of the President of India for ensuring a transparent and accountable system in J&K, Mr. Singh said that an all pervasive culture of patronised corruption had severely dented the credibility of the govt and shattered the faith of the common man in the present dispensation.