Indian Army organised lecture on “How to Join Armed Forces” at Nagrota (J&K)

Nagrota: 10 Apr 2023: The Indian Army organised a lecture on the career opportunities available in the Armed Forces at the Govt Model Higher Secondary School in Kandoli, Nagrota (J&K). The lecture was attended by students from classes 11 and 12, who are at the right age to consider a career in the Armed Forces, especially in light of the new schemes introduced by the Govt, such as Agniveer and the inclusion of women cadets in the National Defence Academy (NDA).

During the lecture, the students were informed about the various entry points to join the Armed Forces, both as an Agniveer and as a commissioned officer. The lecture also highlighted the specific requirements that must be met to be eligible to join through these different entry points. The students were given guidance on the areas they need to focus on if they want to join the Armed Forces, and were motivated to pursue this prestigious career path by learning about the adventurous and rewarding lifestyle that comes with it.

An interactive session was also organised, where the students and faculty members of the school could ask questions and have their queries addressed. The students showed great enthusiasm and interest in the Armed Forces, which was heartening to see.