NPP alone playing the role of healthy opposition in J&K: Harsh Dev

Ramnagar:  “While the people are faced with one of the worst ever crisis due to stalled development, growing unemployment, rampant corruption, unmitigated corona pandemic, power and  drinking water problems and raging inflation, it is Panthers Party alone which is playing the role of a healthy opposition in J&K. The people are suffering on multiple counts. They are being deprived of basic amenities and rural and remote areas in particular are the worst suffers. The local officers too have shun their responsibilities towards the common masses who are largely left at the mercy of God. The ever growing corruption has spread its tentacles from top to bottom with none to come to the rescue of poor, hapless people being exploited by middlemen and agents of the mighty mafia controlling the system. The people have hardly any access to the powerful bureaucracy ruling the roost and the outside bureaucrats having hardly any connect with the masses. Under such circumstances, the political parties too seem to have abdicated their role and responsibility as responsible opposition with the NPP alone fighting a highly authoritative, apathetic and corruption plagued regime”. This was stated by Mr. Harsh Dev Singh Chairman-JKNPP and former Minister while addressing public meetings in villages Joffer, Barrian, Balota, Sia Merri and Chakaal in Dudu-Basantgarh Block of Ramnagar constituency.

          “As the other political parties of J&K have failed to confront the BJP over a host of issues facing the common masses and youth including unemployment, development, corruption and mal-governance, it’s the Panthers Party alone which is persistently fighting the anti people and anti youth policies of the present govt. Having floundered to rise to the occasion to expose the omissions and commissions of the saffron regime those political parties are directly or indirectly favouring the saffron regime for reasons best known. They seem to have succumbed to the pulls and pressures of the highly ascendant and authoritarian regime. The intrepid and indefatigable Panthers have however continued to fight for the cause of the common masses. We re-iterate our commitment for a full throttle campaign against the deceptive politics and treacherous conduct of BJP whose only objective was to attain power by hook or crook”, roared Mr. Singh.

          Urging upon the people to strengthen Panthers Party, Mr. Singh said that it alone could dispense justice to the common masses, the poor, the down trodden and the marginalized. “We proved ourself while in govt and we have now proved ourself in opposition as well. During my short stint as Education Minister, several reforms and revolutionary changes were brought about in Education system which was acknowledged and appreciated across the board by all members of Assembly. And while in opposition, we lodged over 650 protests in various parts of J&K for the cause of people with 54 such protests having been organized in New Delhi at Jantar-Mantar, outside Parliament, outside Home Ministry, outside BJP Headquarters New Delhi and outside Pak Embassy. While other political leadership remained cocooned in their sanitized environment during peak corona pandemic, the Panthers Party alone was fighting on the streets”, reminisced Harsh.