The border areas of Poonch region is interspersed with number of roads. However, being in hilly terrain, the roads are narrow and winding with sharp bends. Over the years on account of economic prosperity the vehicular traffic density has increased several folds which make these roads prone to road accidents. In an effort to enhance knowledge on road safety and good traffic behaviour, Indian Army conducted a lecture at Youth Centre, Surankote. The audience was made aware on importance of wearing helmets and seat belts while driving. If correctly used, seat belts can reduce the risk of death in a road crash by 61% and use of helmets can reduce fatal and serious head injuries by up to 45%. The speaker also appealed to the participants to obey traffic rules, avoid drinking and not to talk on mobile phone while driving. The participants applauded the efforts of Indian Army in spreading awareness about such critical issues. A large number of Civilians  attended the lecture.