Piping ceremony held at Police Academy Udhampur.

Udhampur: Today in piping ceremony held at SKPA
Udhampur, Shri Mohan Lal, JKPS, SSP, Dy. Director( Indoor/Training)
accompanied by Shri Vijay Kumar Jamwal, JKPS, SSP, Dy. Director
(Outdoor) & Shri Vinay Kumar, JKPS, SSP, Dy. Director
(Administration) SKPA Udhampur pinned ranks to newly promoted
Assistant Sub-Inspectors of SKPA Udhampur who have been recently
promoted to the present rank by ADGP Jammu Zone. Promotee
includes ASI Mohan Lal, ASI Subash Chander &
ASI Anita Devi. The officers present on the occasion congratulated all
the promotees and wished them bright service career ahead. Shri Mohan
Lal advised them to work with enthusiasm and highest degree of
dedication. He said the promotions adds more responsibilities and
challenges in their new working assignments.

Among others, Shri Ramesh Kataria Dy.SP(S) Pvt. Secretary to
Director, Shri Sunmati Gupta, Assistant Director (Admin.) & Shri Tahir
Hussain, Assistant Director (Indoor/Intl.) SKPA Udhampur were also
present on the occasion.